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Off the Page: Writers Talk About Beginnings, Endings, and Everything in Between


In Off the Page, today's best writers give insight into their writing process. Paul Auster, Martin Amis, Gish Jen, Dan Chaon, Alice McDermott are among forty-three writers interviewed on washingtonpost.com and Carole Burns weaves their wisdom into chapters illuminating to the writer and reader.


Here is Walter Mosley defying genre, Martin Amis on sex, A.S. Byatt on art and Michael Cunningham on compassion. This and more from Anthony Doerr, Jhumpa Lahiri and Charles Baxter will deepen the reader’s appreciation for the art of fiction and excite writers to try new approaches to their craft.

"Whether or not you're familiar with the books that result from such struggles, this is a fascinating and enjoyable read."  Financial Times

"...(in) this intriguing book... all agree on one thing: writing and rewriting is never easy. " Guardian

Imagistic: Flash Fiction

Carole Burns
and painter
Paul Edwards collaborate on a National Flash
Fiction Day project.



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